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IntelliSched Automated Appointment Scheduling

IntelliSched is is the best scheduler in any professional setting. It was written by James M. Nachbar, MD, a plastic surgeon who was frustrated with the scheduling programs available on the marketplace.

Realizing that time was his most important asset, he needed a scheduling program that could manage it efficiently. After researching the programs available, he concluded that none of them was adequate. Since he was a professional programmer before becoming a plastic surgeon, Dr. Nachbar designed and wrote IntelliSched to do the job.

IntelliSched can run on a local area network using simple and inexpensive file-based data management, or it can run using a SQL Server database, either on a local network or over the Intenet. IntelliSched can use SQL Server Express, which can be obtained from Microsoft for use without payment of any licensing fees (see microsoft.com, or contact us, for details).

The schedule layout is completely customizable by the user. Other scheduling programs rely on inflexible schedule designs, often showing only part of your day. IntelliSched automatically maximizes the use of screen real-estate, by default showing only the times during the day occupied by scheduled Events or potential events ("Blocks"). Each station can have unlimited customized layouts, showing from part of a day to many months at a time, and showing resources and/or locations together or separated, selected resources and/or locations, just days with specific Block Types, etc.

IntelliSched can easily manage up to 36 different resources and up to 36 different locations. Individual Events and Blocks can be associated with up to eight resources each, and IntelliSched can track the resouces used as a unit. Thus, for example, if a doctor, a nurse, a piece of equipment, and a treatment room are all needed for a specific Event, they can all be scheduled together. IntelliSched can automatically flag or warn the user of any conflicts for any of the resources. If the Event needs to be moved to a different time or date, it can be dragged (or copied and pasted) to the new time, all the resources will be moved together, and IntelliSched can warn the user if that change creates a conflict.

IntelliSched can manage an unlmited number of Event Types and Block Types, which can be color coded as desired. IntelliSched can automatically pick the right Event for the given time and resource. You can easily customize IntelliSched to direct your staff to schedule the right Event at the right date and time.

IntelliSched is the best scheduling solution for any medical, professional, or service organization or business scheduling up to 36 resources.

Each computer station can be set up with customized views, which can come up by default or be brought up at the touch of a key. For example, the front desk of a hair salon can view all the stylists for scheduling, while each station can show just the one or several stylists using that station. IntelliSched's intelligent use of screen space means that when there is a day on which one of the stylists is not working, no screen space is wasted for that day.

Standard reporting is available (e.g., today's schedule, one page for each customer scheduled today, this week's, month's, or year's schedule), and the reports can be easily customized by us or by you using standard Crystal Reports software. Scheduling reports can be printed, or automatically emailed to you on a schedule or on demand. Your schedule can also be automatically exported to Microsoft Outlook for transfer to your Palm or other handheld device.

IntelliSched puts you in control! EVERY change to the database, including the schedule, Event Types, resources, etc. is tracked by audit tracking. Due to our unique logging system, different users can update the schedule, even using the same login, and the audit tracking system will still tell you who was at the keyboard. Gone are the days when you ask "who scheduled that appointment?" or "who made that change?". With IntelliSched, you will know when the Event was scheduled, at which computer, by which user login, and the initials of the person at the keyboard. IntelliSched tracks not only the initial scheduling of an Event, but EACH AND EVERY CHANGE, with all of the above detail. Repeating events, including exceptions to repeating events, are tracked as well.

IntelliSched is flexible! Because of the primary importance of time to the professional (what else do you have to sell?), Dr. Nachbar designed and programmed a customized display grid rather than use an off-the-shelf generic scheduling component. That grid can (and does!) show hundreds of Events at a time, all color-coded so you can tell how your day, week, or month is scheduled. Events can last for one minute or all day. All day Events and repeating events (by day, week, weekdays, month by day, month by week, or year) are supported.

IntelliSched automatically uses as much screen space as possible to tell you as much about the Event as there is room for. Get detail about the Event by single or double-clicking it, or just hold the mouse over it for a popup telling you all about it.

IntelliSched respects your privacy! Privacy mode automatically hides all personal information from prying eyes, while showing the events, including color coding and non-personal information. Get detail by double-clicking an Event, or turn off Privacy mode with a mouse click.

IntelliSched is FAST! IntelliSched is written in C++ rather than slower technologies such as scripting or "managed" pseudocode like .NET .

IntelliSched can be easily intalled and configured. Cost-effective licensing is available, on either a limited-time or unlimited-time basis, and on either a resource and/or station limited or unlimited basis.

Contact us at info@intellisched.com for information on IntelliSched, including pricing for your business.

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